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Oct 23, 2013

SD Weekly Digest 10/23/13

Taper … Sleeping-In that Is
Practice is coming!!!  Time to start warming up by adjusting your wakeup time back to “normal” ;)

1.  YEAR END PARTY – Sat Nov 23rd
-   Sign up on the Evite ASAP!
     Please verify on evite in case you forgot, respond YES or NO!
-   Dress up in your finest and surprise your teammates on how well you clean up ;)
-   Celebrate a year of blood, sweat and tears In Style!
-   Besides dinner, awards, raffle, auction and dancing, there is Charity!
    Multiple charity fund-raiser opportunities including our annual Spark-of-Love toy drive
    * Bring a new, un-wrapped toy to the party and get a Raffle Ticket! (1 ticket per toy)

-   Where? Khoury’s in Long Beach
-   Fees? Low Low fee of $35!
-   More info to come …
-   IMPORTANT: We need to getting an accurate head count, so sign-up, NOW!

Zina is spearheading the YE Video production and needs all our help:
-   Please send any video, pictures or gifs so that we can add it to the year end video! It doesn't have to be tournament stuff. It's okay to send anything that's Space Dragons related from practices or eating after practice or social events!
-   Send a message to Zina by email or Facebook to let her know you got something. If there are too many files or if the files are Large then you can send a link or Dropbox to Zina instead

3a.  OFF-SEASON - Sat 9am warmup!
  * Last weekend of off season, Allan is willing to support this Sat!  Comment on his the FB post to coordinate interest with him =)

3b.  PRE-SEASON - Sat 9am warmup!
  * Pre Season practice starts Sat Nov 2 thru Sat Dec 28
  * Same Space Time, Same Space Patch of Grass
  * Time to start up the Poll again … Use It!

4.  Weekly Boost … or Something Else!
Though we have not actively posted weekly fitness activities, it’s in your best interest for health and mobility to stay fit and flexible.  Water time is coming!!!

5.  Fees and Dues
Don't forget to pay your tournament fees, annual dues and for the Year End Party!  Not sure how much you owe? Email and we'll let you know.  You can mail us a check (made to Space Dragons) or make payment at the Year End Party.
      2013 Annual Dues: $100
      Baby Long Beach: $20
      Alcan: $35
      Big Long Beach: $40
      San Francisco: $35
      Year End Party: $35
Email us, or we'll hunt you down!

-- Your Captains