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Mar 5, 2014

OC-2 Testing Protocol

All the results from both the primary and make-up test days are up!  Great job to everyone who came out to test.  Below are a few notes on OC-2 time trial etiquette:

    • Sign up the on the Doodle by 6pm the night before the test.  We don't check for updates day-of, and if we don't know that you're coming, we may pack up and leave before you arrive.

    • Please indicate on the Doodle if you need a make-up test AND email the coaches before the primary test day so we know to include you in the make-up day coordination.  It's preferred to have everyone test on the same day, but we do understand when people have other work, school and family commitments.  Keep in mind that make-up testing is not guaranteed, but we try to pick the time that works best for everyone.

    • Just like a dragon boat race, there are variables that are out of our control.  Remember that our goal as a team is to be good enough that those things that are out of our control aren't the difference between winning and losing.  I encourage you to apply that philosophy to your time trial as well - be strong enough such that those variables that are out of your control don't prevent you from reaching your goals.  However, if eeking out the fastest possible time is important to you, do the Kim Bushong and check the tide charts.  Also keep in mind that the wind and crowds pick up in the afternoon.  We are new to this test location, so we haven't figured out all the "features" yet, but we'll learn more as the season goes on.

    Finally, remember to give a huge THANK YOU to the coaches and other volunteers that made the day happen:
    - Esmer, Rod, Roger, Gracey for transporting the OC-2
    - Rod, Lesley, Chris for keeping time
    - Robert, Tyler, Chris and others for helping video tape
    - Robert for slo-mo'ing and uploading all the videos
    - Lesley for doing technique analysis on the videos
    - Devant for chauffeuring you all back and forth on the race course all day
    - All of YOU for hanging out, bringing snacks and making a fun day of it