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Apr 16, 2014

Hell Week Boost! Pre-baby Long Beach edition

Hell Week Boost!
2014 Pre-baby Long Beach edition

Eeerrrmaaagaaawd!  Stop the presses!  It's never too late!

Ok my anxious SpaceFit friends, many of you have thought that Hell Week was forgotten, but fear not, I say!  I have in mind a different kind of play.  With the additions of newbies joining us and a short month from one tourney to another (one) day tourney; I intentionally brought back a fun 5 day Hell week so that everyone can join in on the fun...  =)

Most folks are already very familiar with this.  Ready... BOOST!!  (right Gracey?!)

Let's take this opportunity to commit yourself to a higher level of fitness with these 'Boosts'. and add to the copper pot of the 'Stone Soup'.  It's tailored for everyone, because we are ONE TEAM.  For starters, you have the remainder of the week to complete the week's boost, whether you're a beast and can do it all in one day or spread it out like other teammates do over the course of several days, just do them at your own pace/level.  Let's encourage one another. 

There's no difficult tiers as there are in Hell Week. Here's how. Break it out to manageable portions throughout the week. If it's too easy...feel free to knock out a more reps, and add on to your own workouts.  Remember, these are meant to supplement your normal workout, not replace them.

This week's Boost is to complete 500 jumping jacks. For example: Do 100 a day Wed-Sun.  Try doing 50 in the morning and 50 in the evening, etc... you get the idea.  Break it up any way you can to accomplish this, but it's totally up to you to get your body moving every day.  We just want everyone to do this.  Warm up before you begin.  No Injuries!! 

Updates should be posted on Spacebook like HW.

Thank you for your continued support!