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Oct 10, 2014

Ahhhhhh-ff Season

It's Off-Season.... a time to relax, recover (both physically and mentally) and take care of all those other important life priorities that were put on hold while you were too busy paddling.  Along the theme of SUSTAINABILITY that we've been talking about throughout this season, it's important to take the time you need during off-season, so you can be ready to hit it hard again when the season starts.

But there's an important time between Off-Season and regular Season.... and that's Pre-Season.  Many of you want to make a push to earn a bid to Adelaide 2016.  To meet that goal, you need to take personal responsibility for making yourself stronger than the competition.  Now's the time to hit the gym and build strength.  We coaches are committed to doing the best we can to bring the team together, but we can't do it without your dedication.  (Believe me, I wish that Rod's time at the gym made everyone's biceps grow, not just his!)  That means, if you want show up on race day with no regrets, we need you present at no less than half of Pre-Season practices.  This is when we will be laying the foundation of technique and endurance (so it's actually perfect for newbies and out-of-paddling-shape vets as well!).

Mark your calendar...
Pre-Season starts Nov 1.
Saturday and Sunday.
Rain or Shine.

The first time trial of 2015 will be in JANUARY.