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Jul 13, 2016

Personal Goals for Growth

First off, great job on time trials everyone! It was a great turnout with so many newbies coming out and giving it a shot! (15+ I think). I'm really proud of all the effort that everyone has put in and how you decided to take the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and take a shot at the time trials.

As always, time trials are a great way to put yourself to the test and give yourself a personal benchmark to see where you stand as a paddler. However, on that note, I'd like to also give a little reminder (to our vets as well as our newer paddlers), that time trial results should be taken with a grain of salt. While we do use the results as a metric for seating boats for races, it's not the only thing taken into account. And for those of you that are new, or just need another reminder, you can find those various metrics here!

Another reminder is that times are not the only way to improve in time trials. Sometimes, as Devant and I are taking you down to the start line, we might ask what your goals are. Answers vary, but in general they end up being "be faster" or "be better". There's nothing wrong with these goals, but it's important to focus on the different parts of "be faster" or "be better" that will help you achieve them. Everyone will end up having different goals since each paddler is different, so take the opportunity to focus on individual improvement, whether the goal is to have a smoother run, maintaining your technique, having more control over your body, or even just getting the catch for more of your strokes. Having a more specific goal will help give a better guideline to personal improvement rather than the vague "get faster" goal. Even though they're individual goals, each step closer contributes to the team effort.

With one more time trial left in the year, there's still one more chance to test yourself, so get out there and work towards those goals!

You can find your pre-Big LB times here!