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Jan 27, 2017

Rain Protocol

Just a reminder that our rain protocol is to check the blog and Spacebook for practice cancelation notifications.  If there is no notice canceling practice by 11pm the night before, then practice is on!

On that note and as a matter of public health safety, practice for tomorrow (January 28th, 2017) is cancelled due to beach closures resulting from a number of recent sewage spills. There is a significant risk to health in having contact with the water and so it should be avoided until further notice. Officials will wait for the results of a second test from Wednesday before they decide to reopen beaches, so stay tuned for a Sunday practice update!

For more information, you can check the CONSUMER PROTECTION PROGRAM RECREATIONAL WATER MONITORING page here.

Until then, enjoy your time off the water with a snooze, a hearty dim sum breakfast, or sweat it out with a solid gym session (or all-of-the-above!). However you decide to spend your time make sure it's well spent with some important suggestions--pass along some best wishes, enjoy your family time, and have a happy, safe Lunar New Year!