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Aug 23, 2007

2008 Stuckees .... I mean ... Board!

As a member-operated, not-for-profit team, we depend on each other to keep this team running, growing, and improving. And it's been a great run so far, thanks to YOU, our dedicated team members!

Let's keep it going strong as we near the conclusion of a very successful 2007 season and gear up for an even better 2008!

As we begin some early preparation for the 2008 season, we are very excited to have some of our Paddlers man some important, designated service positions for the team.

Before introducing them, we would like to encourage everyone on the team to continue to support the team, each other, these individuals, our coaches, our Board, etc. If you would like to help out in anyway, please don’t hesitate to approach these individuals, or just let me know!

Introducing (in no particular order):

Co-Captain, Team Manager, & Princess of All - Pearl

Pearl will be taking the lead in the day-to-day management of the team. She will help ensure that our team is set logistically, and provide equipment order coordination (paddles, vests, jerseys, attire, etc.).
This is a hefty amount of work, so please actively support her throughout the season. And yes, this includes getting your stuff submitted in a timely manner :)!

Sponsorship & Fundraising Stud-Muffins - Caesar & Brian

These two stallions will help in efforts to keep costs & dues low for our team members by coordinating sponsorships & facilitating team fundraising events. Please forward any fundraising ideas, sponsorship leads, sugar daddies/mommas, etc. to these handsome devils!

Treasurer Extraordinaire - Dave

Big thanks to the ultra-responsible Dave for maintaining our humble bank account for all these years! Remember (unless otherwise stated) that checks for dues, tournament fees, etc should be made out to “Space Dragons” and can be delivered to Dave @ Space Park or can be brought to practice!

Social & Community Service Sexy Vixen - Janet

Yes, paddling is what we do, but we are much, much more than just a group of paddlers. This sexy vixen (and recruiting powerhouse) will help plan off-the-water team events, ensure that we get sufficient oh-so-important bonding time (happy hour!), and make sure we are taking care of our overall community as well. So much work goes into event planning & coordination, so please volunteer Janet a hand throughout the year!

Visiting Team Ravishing Coordinator - Denise

Space Dragons love the opportunity to meet fellow paddlers from around the world! Our lovely Denise is the SD point person for communications and coordination with the teams that we host and the teams that host us. Special shout-out to Ripple Effect in the Bay Area!

Webmaster Genius - George

Big thanks to our very own Panda for maintaining our eye-catching website!
I repeat,!

Captain - Wade

As designated team figure-head, Wade is here to receive constant fanning and grape-feeding. And of course consistent beer-me service.
Don’t hate!

All of these individuals, along with our Coaches & other dedicated team members, are part of the Space Dragons Board (ooohh so fancy smancy, we know!) who meet regularly to keep the team running smoothly.

Thanks in advance for your continued support (and loads of help) during the fun-times ahead!