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Oct 9, 2007

Thank You Everyone for Friends & Family Day!!

What a great start to our 2008 Year! Our kick-off event to the training and recruiting season brought in 67 paddlers!! Great job vets in bringing out those newbies - keep them coming!!

So again, THANK YOU vets for displaying the true Space Dragons spirit to your friends and family and we hope they weren't TOO sore after Saturday ;-) Just remind them that it's a "good" kind of sore...really!!

And to the Newbies - WOW! Thank you for waking up early and spending your Saturday morning with us! You all did a fantastic job, and if the mock races were an indication of what you learned in 1 hour, please please come out again!! =)

The races we do in competitions are more adrenaline-filled, more competitive and definitely a lot more fun. Our tournaments (especially away tourneys) bring about major team bonding, a lot of "fun/partying" and a chance to compete w/ the best!

We hope you had a lot of fun and got some exercise and got a great workout, ate some good food, played some beach vball, but most of all, had a lot of fun - because the Space Dragons are all about fun! So if you liked it or want to continue working those abs, buttocks, arms, backs, legs, etc, then join us every Saturday at 7:30am (yes, 1 hr earlier) - barring extreme weather or water conditions.

Check back to this blog often for updates and the right side of the blog for the Schedule/Events Calendar for special events and our practice schedule!

So just some Special Thank You's:
  • the lovely JANET - for organizing this great event!
  • Vets - for bringing out your friends/family and lending newbies your extra equipment
  • Newbs - for waking up on such a cold early morning and paddling
  • L&L for catering us some amazing food!
  • AeroDragons, Killer Guppies and LARD for lending us their boats
  • The coaches at the bow (Emily, Joe, Wade) and in the boat (Janice, Cz, Pearl), and Steers (Chiu, John, James)
  • Marty - for being such a great guy and volunteering to sit out when we were over by just 1 paddler!
  • Julian - for bringing the ice so we all had cold drinks after paddling
  • Denise, Cz, Rod for the equipment