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Dec 18, 2007

2007: A Great Year

In grand Space Dragons fashion, we closed out 2007 with a festive banquet (click here for pics) on 12/8/07 ...(please upload photos to our picasa webalbum so everyone can enjoy them! Contact Janet for login info.)

Since messages are best conveyed with visuals, feast your eyes (and ears) on our year-end video:

As the video describes, 2007 was a great year for the team because of each & every one of our team members (YOU!).

We could have spent time @ the banquet describing every single person's contributions - but just know that everyone contributed to the best year this team has ever had.

Whether it was:
  • a leader coordinating a tournament or event,
  • a coach helping everyone improve & plan strategy,
  • a willing volunteer to help make things happen,
  • a video-taper / photographer,
  • an encourager,
  • a reliable & coachable paddler,
  • a guest paddler or newbie,
  • etc (you get the point!) ...

We did it together and we had a blast doing it ...

As we progress forward, let's continue to put in the work & strive for competitive excellence - but lets always remember that without the special fun & camaraderie ... it just ain't worth it!

With 2008 on the horizon, let's continue to make this team the best it can be.
And to put simply ... let's continue to make it something that just helps all of us be happy & healthy.

Highlights from the banquet ...
(click here for pics)

2007 Voted Awards!

Water Destroyers:
Em & Rod

Space Dragon Spirit:
Janet & Galen

Hottest & Sexiest:
Felicia & Joe

2007 Most Improved Paddlers
(via Coaches):
Deadra & Ed

2007 Elmer's Glue Awards
(via Captains):

Denise & Joe

And the premier award ...
2007 Golden Paddles
(highest number of practice attendance):
Rod (78!!), Robert (70!), & Scott (57)

Hot Rod (w/ wife Carol & "son" Jeff)

Roberto the Kid (w/ partner-in-crime Mayana)

Scottie-too-Hottie (w/ the two kids any dad would be proud of)

And the special Name-that-Space-Dragon-Butt Game Winners (thanks Ceez & Janet!):
1st Place: Yilin
2nd Place: Brian
3rd Place: Galen

And a final (ultra-cheesy) lifetime achievement award:

Big time THANKS to:
  • Janet for banquet coordination & all the video productions!
  • Brian for crafting some awesome looking awards. You stud you.
  • Ceez for the AWESOME name-that-SD-Butt game
  • Galen, Pearl, & Denise for assistance with banquet planning
  • Jimmy for the projector!
  • Em for coordinating the white elephant exchange. Although we're glad you coach & paddle better than you explain rules :)!
  • Felicia for helping collect $ (always an appreciated task!)

Comments/Suggestions after events are always welcome. We strive to improve event after event, so don't be shy and let Janet know what you thought of the Banquet!