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May 27, 2008

The Biggest Space Dragons Loser Challenge

Interested in losing some excess poundage?

Check out the "Biggest Space Dragons Loser" challenge!

Space Dragon who loses the most % of weight between 1st & final weigh-in takes the entire pot.
Pot = $40 per person (pay @ final weigh-in)

First required weigh-in is THIS Saturday AM, 5/31, @ practice.
Final weigh-in is Saturday AM, 7/26, @ the Big LB tournament.

  • NO drastic, prize-fighting style weight cuts prior to the final weigh-in: NO dehydration, laxative, starvation, sweat-out techniques! We have to paddle & compete that morning!
  • Lose the weight the natural way - exercise & diet! NO liposuction or stomach stapling allowed!