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Jun 2, 2008

In case you are interested - Lost Puppy Needs Home

via Tony from the SoCal DB community (LARD):

As many of you know, I found a puppy running on the freeway onramp last week (5/25). Evelyn and I posted signs in the neighborhoods around where the puppy was found. We also contacted and posted signs in the local humane society and animal shelter. So far, we don't have anyone to claim the puppy.

Evelyn and I
cannot keep the puppy, so we have been trying to find someone to adopt the puppy. The puppy is very friendly. She bounces all over the place being a puppy. She is curious about everything. It's actually quite entertaining to watch. But, she has to share attention with 2 big labs in our home.

Puppyhood is such an amazing time that she deserves to
have someone's undivided attention / appreciation. We've decided to give it a few more days to try to find a home for her. If we cannot find someone to adopt her by Tuesday night, we'll have to bring her to the local shelter / humane society on Wednesday (6/4).

Thanks. Tony

If any of you want a puppy, or know someone that might -> email & we'll pass info along to Tony.