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Jan 27, 2009

It's Cleansing Time! - The Master Cleanse

Spring is almost here but more importantly Tempe is almost here.

As such, it is time to clean our homes and our to speak. Recently, Pearl and I did a cleanse - okay, Pearl did and I failed after 6 days due to family reasons - and we both got inundated with a lot of questions so I figure why not post about it and our experiences. So for the rest of the weak (haha get it?) I will blog about ways to detoxify your body.

This is NOT a requirement of Space Dragons but something fun and different to do that may or may not improve your health. I highly recommend starting after Superbowl Sunday(and Mammoth if you are going) but well in advance of Tempe - When one goes detoxing , it's hard to motivate yourself to workout (more so than usual) though the Princess went to ALL of the SD practices while on the plan...Did you when you weren't?

The idea behind it, is that we put all these processed foods into our bodies every day and it takes a lot of effort for our kidneys and liver to clean our bodies from the possible toxins that we maybe putting in. By doing a cleanse, one eats helthier food - or no food that will give the kidneys and liver a break so that these organs can clean the rest of our bodies (blood other organs etc.) rather than keeping up with what we put in. Theoretically, this means you end up with more energy, feel more lively, and other general health benefits by the end of it. Even if it is heebyjeeby science, if you believe it, the placebo affect will surely work somewhat...Note these cleanses, though they are diets, are NOT intended to lose weight. All the weight you lose is a side effect of the cleanse and most likely you will gain it back. That said, the numbers on the scale are pretty impressive and maybe you will strive harder not to gain it back by better dietary choices

What Pearl and I did was called the Master Cleanse aka "the Lemonade diet".

Basically, it is a 10-14 day fast that substitutes food with "lemonade". Every day you ingest 12-14 glasses of lemonade, each consisting of:

2Tbsp of fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice(not concentrate)
2 Tbsp of Maple Syrup (real maple syrup and preferably Grade B)
1/10 of a Tsp of Cayenne Pepper (or season to taste, preferably organic)
8 ounces of water (at least 8 ounces, more water does not hurt, and Emily, try to not drink straight tap).

That's it. No more food. Do this for 10 days and you will drop the pounds for sure. Of course it is not easy and most people fail on the first day. The lemonade is pretty yummy but you will for sure get tired of it...

The second part of the cleanse is where you actually flush yourself.

Basically you take 2 tsp of sea salt (noniodized) to a quart of water ( kind of a nice break from the lemonade but still doesn't taste the greatest). After you ingest this salt water flush - do NOT go anywhere where you cannot find a bathroom quick. In about 30-60 min you will feel some rumbling and will shortly expell all that you drank and more (Something about salt water having the same specific gravity of blood so it will not be absorbed by your system). If you would like, you can replace the salt water flush with laxative tea.

Do the Master Cleanse for at least 10 days and consider it Mission Accomplished (non Bush style).