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Jan 23, 2009

New Fundraiser

In light of these difficult economic times and Wade's recommendation of starting a SD calendar, the staff has started to accept orders on 2009's SD calendar starring YOU.
What? Sneak preview you say? What the masses clamor for we MUST without much further ado, I present to you, Miss January...

Miss January: Ms. Blanca Pena
DOB: January 26th, 1988
Likes: Fishing, Coach products, Shopping on-line, E-mail & Texting, Making construction workers heads turn, and being a Super Hero.
Dislikes: Clinginess, Secretarial work, Friends who play pranks on her, Wheel of her car falling off while driving on the 91, Lechuga and her dad taking her car to the mechanic with her (friend's) adult toys in the trunk.

Miss January, Blanca Pena, will be competing in her first tournament in Tempe in March.
She was overheard saying these wise words:
"I think it is only fair to the team that I prepare myself for the 2009 Tempe Tournament in March. I want no excuses why I wasn't ready. The team will not be disappointed as I hone my skills on the boat, harden my body and do mucho cardio so I may maximize my air capacity within my young and supple....lungs. It is my goal to make a major contribution to the Space Dragons because I will become one bad a(zz) paddling latina!!"
Space Dragons, take a page out of Miss January's book. Show up consistently to practice, practice hard, eat right, do your workouts at home and get lots of rest. There will be NO EXCUSES in Tempe!!
If you would like to meet Miss January - come to a Space Dragon practice near you!

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