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Feb 1, 2009

Anyone up for a light jog?

May 17th Kathleen will be running the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco and wanted to give a shout out to any Space Dragons who might be interested.  The race starts near the Embarcadero and goes only a measly 7.46 miles across the peninsula to the ocean. There's one (small-teeny-tiny) hill, and then it's a slight downward grade all the way to the end. You can run or walk; be sober (or not); dress normally, in costume, or nothing at all (it's unfortunate that the hot people don't normally take this option!).  Registration is still open, but it fills up pretty fast (  

This is one of the craziest experiences that Kathleen has ever had! From the flinging of tortillas at the start of the race, to the Smurfs that gather midway through the race at the big mushroom, to the salmon that start at the opposite end of the race and run "upstream".  
Contact Kathleen if you're interested, it's really a fun weekend!!

Ohh and Congrats to Wade for whomping on his marathon, Lisa for destroying her half, Pearl for crushing the 10K, and Christine for dominating the 10K.  A great way to celebrate "Men's Valentine's Day"