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Feb 1, 2009

It's Cleansing Time - The Final Results

Spring is almost here but more importantly Tempe is almost here.

As such, it is time to clean our homes and our to speak. Recently, Pearl and I did a cleanse - okay, Pearl did and I failed after 6 days due to family reasons - and we both got inundated with a lot of questions so I figure why not post about it and our experiences. So for the rest of the weak (haha get it?) I will blog about ways to detoxify your body.

This is NOT a requirement of Space Dragons but something fun and different to do that may or may not improve your health. I highly recommend starting after Superbowl Sunday(and Mammoth if you are going) but well in advance of Tempe - When one goes detoxing , it's hard to motivate yourself to workout (more so than usual) though the Princess went to ALL of the SD practices while on the plan...Did you when you weren't?

The idea behind it, is that we put all these processed foods into our bodies every day and it takes a lot of effort for our kidneys and liver to clean our bodies from the possible toxins that we maybe putting in. By doing a cleanse, one eats helthier food - or no food that will give the kidneys and liver a break so that these organs can clean the rest of our bodies (blood other organs etc.) rather than keeping up with what we put in. Theoretically, this means you end up with more energy, feel more lively, and other general health benefits by the end of it. Even if it is heebyjeeby science, if you believe it, the placebo affect will surely work somewhat...Note these cleanses, though they are diets, are NOT intended to loose weight. All the weight you lose is a side effect of the cleanse and most likely you will gain it back. That said, the numbers on the scale are pretty impressive and maybe you will strive harder not to gain it back by better dietary choices


So the Final Result? 

During the cleanse,  both of us missed chewing and thought a lot about food that we will hit up when we finished.  In fact the last 2 nights that I was on the cleanse, I had a hard time sleeping because I would just lie in bed drooling over what I was gonna stuff in my mouth.   The first thing I had?   A doughnut and it was darn good!   I followed that up... with another doughnut.   # pieces of fried chicken, some mac salad, etc.  So as you can see, I had good intentions but I ultimately failed in changing my bad nutritional habits.  Essentially, that is the goal, to achieve lifestyle changes that affect your body into a healthier, leaner you.

Between Pearl and I, we dropped together 10 lbs of recordable weight...but remember all of that weight will likely be gained back - esp if you follow that up with the Galen diet plan.  The interesting thing that we both noticed is that food tastes a lot better and that we sometimes miss the lemonade.  

Was it worth it?  Not so much for Pearl, since she doesn't think she needs to shock/jolt her system into healthiness.  I, on the other hand, thought it was great since it was more of a mental challenge than anything else to me.  I think I would love to see if I will be able to conquer the challenge fully instead of wussing out 60% of the way in.  Ultimately, the decision is up to you whether or not you would want to cleanse.  But I would recommend that what ever you choose,  go full throtle and enjoy life.