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Feb 22, 2009

Mammoth Trip!!

What do you get when you have 40 Space Ripples (SD + RE), 3-4 nights in a mansion, 46" of fresh snow and lots of love??!!

absolute mayhem, laughter, space ripple love and fun times.

The photos speak for itself, so I'll just post some highlights:
  • Sardines (reverse hide-and-go-seek, 2 people hide and everyone hides with them once they're found) with 40 people in the dark. Surprisingly the house was big enough that we had some REALLY good hiding spots!! Best part was the "false alarm" while Aaron and I were hiding. Somehow people started hiding in the closet together, only to find out at the end that we weren't there!!
  • Finishing all the liquor in the house...and I mean AAALLLL!!
  • Running out of Jackie's delicious pasta sauce on Friday night - man you were all so hungry!!!
  • Fitting 9 people in the 3rd floor 4-6 person hot tub. Jeremy opening the 2nd floor door to get beer - only to see a waterfall of water from the hot tub overflow above. And when everyone got out of the hot tub - the water level shrank 1.5 feet.
  • Sledding behind the house and creating ramps for jumps - and using human shields to prevent us from crashing into the house. We had a couple close calls!
  • Fitting 5 people in the master bath jacuzzi
  • Massage chains everywhere!
  • All the love and fun
And I'd like to give special thanks to those that helped w/ the organizing!
  • Emily for taking care of the finances while I was in London
  • Emily, Jimmy and Charlie for helping with the Costco run and driving up the food
  • Tran/Robert for buying the market foods
  • Brad for helping me organize on the RE side
  • Mayana, Tran, Jackie, Sondra, Galen, Kat, Lewis, Aaron, Conroy, Jane, Michael P and a whole bunch of others that helped cook all that wonderful yummy food and cleaned and took down the trash!
  • And to everyone for being safe and having a blast!!
See you all next year for Mammoth 2010 =)

Space Ripple Love,