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Mar 1, 2009

The Space Dragons 5F Challenge

Love going to practice, but can't make it since you are stuck in another county/country? Feeling especially sore after each practice? Really want to do some cross training but don't have enough time on your hands? Want to show off that hot bod for the summer (Tempe) bikini (speedo) season? Don't you worry! the Space Dragon coaches have come up with a way to answer all of your questions...introducing the Space Dragons 5F Challenge.

What is the 5F Challenge? The 5F Challenge is a series of exercises designed to augment and enhance the workouts you already do. This Challenge has been designed for our Space Dragons Friend and Family for Fitness and Fun. 5 exercises lasting 1 minute each for a total of 5 minutes per day. If you think you can do that 5 days a week - you will be a 5F Champion! Sign up under the comment section below to commit to this challenge from your teammates and coaches and see encourage all to participate.


This week's challenge!
1 minute of Emily's Washboard-Ab Sit-ups

1 minute of John's Mini-Joe's Bulgarian Split Squats

1 minute of Princess Pearl's Plank for Hunks and Babes

1 minute of Galen's punishing Push-ups

1 minute of All-hail Ceez's rock-hard Delts and strong Shoulder Front Raises

Let any of the coaches know if you need help with any of these exercises and don't forget to sign up below if you think you are up to the challenge.