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Apr 10, 2009

Happy Friday! The Space Dragon Treasure Hunt

In honor of THE Treasure Hunt on Saturday (Note: We WILL have a short practice prior to the treasure hunt; so please arrive at 7:30am for stretching/warming-up) and Easter Bunny Egg Hunts on Sunday - I give you Word Search Friday...and yup I left in 4 easter eggs (get it?) or additional words relating to Space Dragons - specifically M-E...ME! :)

Words are found in all 8 directions: up, down, left, right, right diagonal, left diagonal, backwards right diagonal, and backwards left diagonal.

What? You don't want to put highlighter all over your monitor? You're in luck! Here's the linky.
(The formatting is slightly screwy so please feel free to copy and paste into excel and format away...)

Disclaimer: I know it is SCDBC Treasure Hunt, but I couldn't fit it all in once I made my puzzle, so you will have to do with SCDB Treasure Hunt

Happy Friday All!