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Apr 1, 2009


The results are in!

The highlights:
Men's boat for pulling in the 2nd fastest overall time at 2:05:05 (Sorry John).
Master's missing out on the top spot by 4 tenths of a second with a 2:13:86 time
Women's barely getting edged out of the finals by a combined time of 4:58: 05 - just behind LARD's 4:57:64
Red's 1000m time of 4:54:54 which is a razor thin 1.2 sec behind top overall finisher San Diego
And Blue making it into Mixed A with a blistering average of 2:14:97

Break it all down here:

What's hotter than results?

How about everyone's "O" Face - Tom's got pics up from this past weekend and everyone looks HAWT! That and it shows a distinct need to work on COME OUT TO PRACTICE!!!

Congrats again and see you this weekend!