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Apr 2, 2009

Space Dragon April Social Calendar

Yup, it's time for the fan favorite SD Calendar.

I'm sure you are all dying to know who will be the next SD Calendar model...
Is it a boy? a girl? a dog? superman?'s BRIAN!!!

Mr. April


Mr. April: Brian Kellough
DOB: April 14th
Hometown: Harrison, Maine

Likes: The Boston Red Sox, eating from other people’s plates, showing off how such a skinny guy can hit so many home runs, brewing beer, knowing he can excel at any sport he gets into, the Boston Celtics, the New England Patriots and huge susus.

Dislikes: The New York Yankees, losing, People telling him to shut up, people who make fun of his one long toe on each foot and … did I mention the New York Yankees?

Brian said these wise words on abstaining from sex prior to dragon boat racing:“…ignore that whole BS about “Joe says no!!”, what a load of crock! !!”
Relationship Status: Sorry girls, as good looking as Brian is, he is engaged to Aileen Aranda. So get your meat hooks off him!!

If you would like to meet Mr. April, you can meet him at the Space Dragon Friends and Family Day on April 5th. He can give you many tips on softball, baseball, paddling, soccer, brewing beer and how to apply expensive hair wax to your hair to make it look perfect all day.

Important Dates in April:

April 4th – No Practice!!
April 5th – Friends and Family Day
April 6th – Sammie Matsunami’s Birthday
April 8th – First Wednesday Practice Begins!!
April 9th – Ming-Jou Chen’s Birthday
April 11th – Karen Chan’s Birthday, SCDBC Treasure Hunt
April 18th – Space Dragon Yard Sale
April 20th – Janice Lanphar’s Birthday