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May 7, 2009

Pain? Bring it on!

Yo, yo, yo, whassup, whassup? It's time to get busy! This Saturday is the debut of THE Land Workout - the Space Dragon Circuit Course.

What's all this rukus about? [I have lovingly called it the SD 300 workout. Why the 300 workout? Well in the movie actors went through a rigorous workout regimen to get the ridiculous Spartan body. Their workout was designed to be run only 1x or 2x and no more. The workout dictates and allotment of reps and measures how fast you can complete it. It's a brutal workout, starting out strong and slowing down, finishing at a crawl. Sounds a lot like the pain that Joe and the Rodimous wants to put us through!]

The details as per Coach Joe:

We'll be running 4 people at a time and writing down your time. Each person going thru the course will have a partner to help motivate, count, and direct you to the next task (we HIGHLY encourage everyone to PARTICIPATE and CHEER each other on). Remember, this is to help gauge your progress thru the season; we'll have maybe one time trail before Big LB and then one before SF. During the season we'll create "mini circuit courses" to not only help you with the next time trial but for overall fitness. Again, to emphasize, we ENCOURAGE everyone to participate but this is optional.

Attached is the course layout in case you did not do the walk thru (and Yes, I'm having problems looking at it through the Northrop network).

So let's kick this stuff, and get ready to knock the sand off your pants, yeah!