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May 7, 2009

Baby Long Beach Recap

The stage was set and the bar had been raised. Having come off of an impressive and fruitful appearance last March in Tempe, AZ.--the Mighty Space Dragons crashed the party yet again in righteous fashion, this time off the fabled home waters at Marine Stadium to square off against the local teams in and around SoCal. The prize? Local bragging rights, much deserved validation, and straight up Aretha-style props with a side of R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

The Space Dragons assembled bright and early to an airy, perfect mid-70's day. Delicious food, smiles, and the infamous SD fist (mascot?) were all brought forth as Tran--our ravishing, drum-humping captain/caller--cited numerous attempts to stop certain individuals from eating too much before the races (see Mr. February for more details).

After a brief period mixed between breakfast "snacks", Jackie's bumfoot signing, and sunblock application, it was 9:30 and the time had finally come and Space Dragons RED took the water.

(note: Tran's triceps and Emily's delts from effective land workouts!)

Proving yet again that "there are no flukes in dragon boating" SD Red showed how straight-up hard work, poise, and commitment can yield amazing non-fluke type results with impressive 1st place finishes in both mixed heats leading up to the final 500m heat, ending in a stellar 2nd place finish to get the Silver. What's more, is the wicked 1st place bling-bling win in the 200m finals! Such highlights can only be appreciated however, when considering the all over high- level of competition we faced in teams such as the raging Electric Dragons; sizzling LA Thunder Dragons; and of course those beloved in-laws, mighty team LARD (just to name a few). We're right where we need to be when it comes to growing and getting better; let's keep it rolling on harder, faster, and stronger as we move into bigger challenges in Alcan, Big LB, and SF!

As the mighty Space Dragons finds its way to more continual growth as a one team, SD Blue has been a testament to
our growth as a team. These studs and vixens pulled out some awesome sets and in fact, didn't look newbie-esque at all despite our many first-time paddlers! Highlighted by sweeping 2nd place finishes in the 500m and 200m qualifying rounds, the victory here is in the great amount of poise, grit, and determination you all had when marshalling out to the line to carry out some crazy FAST and FURIOUS starts (as experienced and felt by yours truly on the drum!). This humble SD writer bears no grievance when he says that he is truly proud of the terrific work you all put in on (and off) the water leading to on a job well done! Let's continue on in carrying that fun (but competitive) SD spirit into bigger things!!

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant."
-R.L. Stevenson

Much thanks and love to:
  • Dr. Chen, the association, & all the volunteers that made the race happen!
  • Jason, Tran, Denise, and others who got in early to coordinate site set-up!
  • Ceez for coordinating equipment (ANIMAL!)!
  • Equipment providers (todos ustedes!) for providing!
  • Food and drink providers (even the unhealthy food)! =P
  • Pearl for handling waivers, registration, and pimping race fees from participants!
  • George, Blanca, and all other paparazzi pirates with cameras!
  • AJ, Sammi, James, Emily, Joe, and Marty keeping everyone afloat with some righteous steering!
  • Mommies for being our mommies!
  • Tran, Denise, Wade, Devant, and Emily for your voices from the bow!
  • Janet for the massage!
  • Galen for the mother's day flowers & being sexy!
  • EVERYONE for doing what you do to represent SD and make the team what it is!
Special shout-out to 1st time SD paddlers!!: Rico "Suave", Vernon, Garret, Joanne, Michelle, Eileen, Susan, Stephanie, and Kathy! You rock!!

I know what you're thinking..."What REEEEAALY went down last Sunday?" If you must know, here are some notable highlights you might consider asking your fellow bench-mate in bold about the next time you see him/her. Just a hint for those who might consider falling asleep around our fellow Space Dragons...the next time you fall asleep, consider that blue toe nails aren't the only thing that can happen to you!

1. Joe almost missing the boat (TWICE!)
2. Kim actually missing the boat (Super Dwayne hopped in for the rescue!)!!
3. Robert's port-o-potty ordeal (HILARIOUS!)
4. Pearl's dunking by Galen
5. AJ getting "sucked" by Wade (find out where!)

Quote of the day:

"Yeah I work in a sperm bank...You should come!"
-Joanne Lin

SD love.
devantosaurus rex