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May 14, 2009

Worried about Vancouver?

Can't sleep at night because you have a few questions about Vancouver?

A few questions like...

Whose gonna take care of the Space Dragons while in a different country?

Who are the lucky Canadians that get to experience SD Love?

Are there any single Canucks (as in Canadian citizen not as in the hockey team) that might be interested in some single Yankees (as in US citizen not as in the baseball team)?

Well don't you worry! Because before the tourny, Joe says "No!"

But during the tourny (and afterwards) we will have the privilege to be hosted by Phat Phish Racing.

Unfortunately, my google stalking skillz have failed me and I did not find much about them...

EXCEPT that they made it to the Sports Illustrated Vault with this video:

Congrats Phat Phish Racing and look forward to meeting you all.