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May 13, 2009

Be the (Wo)Man of the House

In keeping with the basketball theme, here is an interesting clip from arguably one of the best centers to play the game.(and subesquently, the player whom I model my game after - except Im not 7'1", so I shoot like he shoots free throws)

Yep that is Shaq fighting with himself over whether or not he should have that doughnut. I bet, in his mind it went something like this:

Mind: I'm on Weight Watchers, I'll probably blow all of my daily points with just one bite.
Stomach: This baby has one point and one point only, and that is tasting good.
Mind: Garrrrh!
Stomach: Bubble! bubble! burp! burp!
Mind: This is MY HOUSE! (then goes all Under Armor on the Stomach)

See? His mind triumphed and the doughnut was put in it's place. Keep it up you Biggest Losers and Closet Biggest Losers! Be the (wo)man of your house. Make sure it is you who controlls what you want to eat.