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Jun 6, 2009

The Lighter Side of the Space Dragons ....


Top Ten Questions that are on the Minds of the Space Dragons

10 - Why do women get nervous or asked to be moved when male fitness model, Robert Clark, sits on the bench behind them?

9 - Really, why is there 3 (perfectly symmetrical) horizontal scars on John Lai's right deltoid muscle?

8 - How the heck did the master's team, the "Geri-Crew", get a silver medal in Tempe, when they practiced so terribly prior to the tournament?

7 - If the Space Dragons are serious about health and fitness, who the hell keeps bringing the brownies, cookies and baked goods to practice?? And why are they all gone afterwards?

6 - Why is paddler Tom Hyunh nicknamed the "Turtle?" Is it because of the cold water?

5 - How can a pair of short shorts and shaved legs make a guy go from god's gift to women status to a status of a mere mortal man so quick?

4 - As tall as Kenny Lightner is, would he still drown if he fell off the boat while steering?

3 - Could Rod kill you with one punch?? Like if he did it because you haven't paid your dues yet?

2 - When Will Lin from LARD does sweet things for his SD lady love, Emily, do the SD guys think that he is a great example on how to treat a woman …or a rat fink bastard for giving the girls crazy friggin' ideas?

And the number one question on the minds of the Space Dragons is ….

1 - Did Galen finally get to "motorboat" on Marina afterall??