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Jun 9, 2009


DID YOU?!?!?

1) Confirm the hotel room with your(or someone else you are staying with)'s credit card (for that matter, call your credit card company to okay it for foreign travel)?

2) Figure out how you are going to get to the hotel?

3) Figure out how your paddle is going to get to Vancouver?

4) Update Tran's spreadsheet/provide your emergency contact 411?

5) Figure out how you are gonna contact everyone? (Vancouver is NOT part of the US so most likely you will be charged bookoo bucks to make calls from your cell.)

6) Do your foreign travel briefing for work - if necessary?

7) RSVP for dinner activities for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday? (We need to know if you want the fish and chips and what size)

8) Know that we have practice on Friday, 6/19, at 4:30PM?

9) Paddle your butt off at practice?

10) Smile because you didn't need to be nagged?

If not, there will be a meeting on Saturday, 6/13, after practice...~9:45AM. Be There!