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Jun 2, 2009

Ms. June!

Yes it is that time again...
May gray has turned into June Gloom
The sun is shining, lil birdies are running/flying, snakes are roaming, people are battered and bruised from "swimming" down rivers...

and Jackie is our very own Ms. June....

Ms. June
Jackie Lai

Ms. June: Jackie Lai
DOB: June 3rd
Hometown: Irvine, California
Likes: Tomatoes, traveling, tomate, rock climbing, beefsteak tomatoes, volunteering, grape tomatoes, passion fruit, vine ripened tomatoes, snoring, heirloom tomatoes, guys who know how to edit/correct her code, plum tomatoes, France, cherry tomatoes, Nancy, snowboarding, uhh did I mention tomatoes?.

Dislikes: Tomato eating caterpillars, video games, tomato eating bugs, Forgetting to pee, boozing it, keeping track of her brother's schedule/whereabouts

Relationship Status: Men of the world, watch yourself. Jackie's got a big bruiser of a boyfriend. Look at her funny and he may just go nutso on you! To see if you got a chance, she will be at practices this month as she gets ready to go to Vancouver. Swing on by and have a go at it - you can't say I didn't warn you!

Dates of Importance in the Month of June:
Jeremy Carver (aka Ron Jeremy or Jeremy Black) 6/2
Jackie Lai 6/3
James Liu 6/7
Denise Kaul 6/9
Vancouver Tournament: 6/20-6/21
SD Girls Only, Wine and Spa weekend: 6/27
Boys having fun: ALL YEAR LONG!!!

Happy Birthday Ron Jeremy!