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Jul 1, 2009

Notes from SCDBA Captains Meeting

A few important notes from the SoCal Dragon Boat Association Captain's Meeting this past Sat:

1) During practice, we must ensure that we stay on the right of the mid-line buoys at all times. Just as we wouldn't drive our cars on the wrong side of the street, boaters cannot violate this fundamental rule. Stay to the right.

2) In obvious conjunction w/ #1 above - no cutting corners around turns.
Especially in front of the Yachting Center. Stay to the right.

3) We must continue to proceed in a counter-clock wise manner around the island upon departing Mother's Beach. Part of the reason to do this is to go in an opposite direction as the Rowers in the community, who proceed in a clock-wise manner. This will help minimize congestion in lanes.

4) No lingering or multi-boat racing in the waters in front of and around Mother's Beach, to minimize congestion & allow other boaters ability to easily dock/un-dock.

5) ALL members - especially steers - must stay familiarized & compliant w/ Boating Rules.
Review here.

6) ALL members, please spend ~10 minutes to review the associations DB orientation video here:

7) LB Festival Teams have begun practicing in preparation for the LB tournament (Aug 1, 2). Remember that we also started as a festival team many years ago. Please show them plenty of friendly Space Dragons Love and lend a helping hand where ever appropriate. They represent the essential continual growth of our community & the sport. Some of our vets will also be helping coach / steer some teams!

8) Complementary steering clinic will be held Sat July 11, 1pm. Anyone interested in learning to steer / becoming certified should attend. Let Wade know if you are attending.

9) Boat maintenance will be held in August, after the tourney. Obviously important - thanks in advance for your participation.

Additional notes to be announced @ practice.

Let's continue to do our best to stay compliant with the important rules that help ensure safety & our ongoing cooperation w/ the greater community.