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Aug 13, 2009

Lake Gregory! Final Logistics!

Lake Gregory Tournament is only 4 days away! Paddlers are you ready?

By now, your inboxes have been flooded with information. Hopefully this email will summarize and capture all that you need to know. Highly recommended that you print this.

Supplies Checklist:

- Race clothing (SD Jersey and black shorts)
- Paddling Gear (Paddle, PFD, etc...) *Extra wood padles for AZ team
- Water Bottle
- Chair
- Sunblock
- Sun glasses, hats, etc...
- Camera, camcorder
- $$$ for any misc fees, AFTER RACES food
- Breakfast and racing nourishment for self
- SD Spirit and team 1st attitude!

General 411:
This is a fun tournament with 3 races max. We should be done by noon, which leaves us enough time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the San Bernadino Mtn. The Park does not allow glass containers, alcohol, or dogs in the beach area. There is a waterslide and aquacycles to rent.
We will receive wrist bands for the team. These will allow our team "in and out" access of the park. Any additional people in your group will have to pay the $3.00 gate fee.

Galen has done the initial draft of boat balancing and seat assignments. The "No Flake" policy will be enforced by Close of Business today, 8/13/2009. If you decide that you cannot make it after you have already told us you can, you will be assessed the Galen Race Fee of $20. Since the race fees for this race is already covered by Space Dragons - it is in your best interest to either show up or cancel prior to 6PM today.

Housing, Food, and Equipment will NOT be provided/organized by the Space Dragons. Due to the small size of this tournament and the large amount of logistics involved. You guys will be responsible for your own nourishment and prerace ordeal.

If you do NOT have a ride to the tournament please email Galen or Robert directly and do not reply all to this email. We will try to find a way to get you up there.

Call time:
We will meet at the Race Site no later than 7:30AM. If you show up later than 7:30AM, you will be assessed with a Galen Late Fee of $10.

Parking is free but is limited. Gates will open at 7AM. The main parking lot is the South Beach parking lot but there is also parking around the lake and at the Lodge. If you get there late (Please note the Call Time and late fee assessment) you may have to park further down the road and will then have to walk the trail back to South Beach. There will be a “drop off” zone at the South Beach gate to unload but no shuttle service.

Please bring your own paddles, pfds, the Sacred Royal Blue Jersey, and black bottoms. Speaking of paddles, the Arizona team is short on paddles if any of you can help them out, it would be appreciated. It is advisable that you also bring chairs to sit on, or you maybe camping out on the grass.

There will be a BBQ Vendor “Gut Buster” who will have chicken, ribs, sausage links and side dishes. :) Feel free to enjoy at noon, AFTER the races are done. I know I will...Also there (maybe) some unorganized non-team related activites after the tourney where we might enjoy a few ice cold beverages. Feel free to join us a bring your own beverage of choice.

The lake is at an altitude of 4,500 feet. Please take whatever precautions necessary to be acclimated to this change from sea level prior to engaging in strenuous physical activity.

The South Beach shoreline is dotted with pine trees and relatively shady, however, it is anticipated it will be quite warm (and DRY!). There is also a large shade structure that accommodates 100 people that is reserved for the event. It is expected to be hot and make sure you lotion up and drink lots of fluids.

When you come to the top of the mountain, there will be a ‘STOP” sign. Go straight through the intersection; don’t make any left turns onto side roads. The street (Lake Street) will dead end. Turn left (it is still Lake Street) and follow the road through town, at the 7/11 store, turn right (Lake Gregory Drive) then left at the first street (San Moritz). The South Beach Parking lot is on your left.

There is a Main Beach on Lake Drive at the North Shore – Don’t go there. (see picture). If you have any problems getting to the lake please call Lake Gregory at (909) 338-2233.

This is a fun tournament. So make sure you go and have fun! The Race Organizers are new to this and will probably have a few issues to work out. That's okay, relax and enjoy the show.

- Your SD Captains and Coaches