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Sep 9, 2009

2 Weekends!

Yep...2 weekends to prepare to be in the very best shape of the year. Time to get fit and kick those rears into gear - but don't hurt yourself!

So I'm bringing back the Galen Challenge....the Final Countdown (of the year)

Challenge yourself to do every day for 15 days (from 9/9 to 9/23)
2 sets of 30 situps or 50 crunches
2 sets of 20 pushups (toes) or 30 modified pushups (ladies only please)
2 sets of 20 squats or leap frogs
2 sets of 10 lunges (per side)

Do it in addition to your daily workout. Shouldn't be any more than 15 more minutes/day. You can commit 15 min of your day to your teammates right?

Ohh and come on out for Coach Joe and Rod's maze of fun! Trust me - it's fun!