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Sep 10, 2009

Paddler Spotlight - Phil!

San Salvador, Central America

March 25.

Favorite Food(s)?
Italian, Asian and Salvadorian Food (pupusas).

How long have you been paddling for?
TI will be my one year anniversary of dragon boating

Why do you paddle?
For fun, to stay fit, to network and to check out all those gorgeous Asian (and other) chicks. I like white meat too!

Are you a better Paddler when you are Happy or Angry?
I am a better paddler when there is no drama in the boat.

Favorite or notable Space Dragon moment(s)?
Big Long Beach, master’s race, we started 30 seconds after all the other teams and yet we paddled so hard that we caught 3 other boats to finish 4th. We lost the race, but we fought until the end – We never felt defeated and never were! Yeah!!!

How do you prepare yourself for a Race?
Before a race I like to run to bring my heart rate up

Any hobbies, activities, interests outside of paddling?
I love kayaking, bicycling, dancing salsa, hiking, and running. Soon I will get involved in outrigging and rowing

Any advice for new Paddlers?
To a new paddlers I would say the following: find your correct paddle size, learn and improve something new on every practice, and if you are a heavy person like me - make it your goal to get fit and lose as much as possible to help your team

Paddling-wise, any particular goals for yourself or the team?
I want to be as good as Wade, Rod, John Lai, and the true animal of this team Princess Pearl!

If you could change one thing about the Team, what would it be?
I wish there would be more bench marks to determine what boat you’d be racing in…

Favorite part about being a Space Dragon?
Winning is one my favorite parts of being a Space Dragon...

You have a single brother or sister. What Space Dragon would you consider hooking them up with?
All my brothers and sisters are married, but I have a daughter and there is a long list of quality guys in this team I wouldn’t mine to call my son-in-law - like Galen

Most interesting character you've met through the team?
Scott Matsunami for bringing me to this team, Deej, Arleene, and Janice for welcoming to the team and Ceez for teaching me the art of paddling.

Any interesting facts about yourself - or secrets that you want to divulge?
I was born in MADRID, SPAIN. I grew up in BARCELONA, SPAIN and when I came to California I was raised by a Gypsy family…. (not really, but I just wanted to mess with Princess Pearl) I was actually born in San Salvador, Central America and came to the US when I was 16 years old.

I am an independent insurance agent for the past 27 years, I have 4 great kids (3 boys, 1 girl), I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters, I love my Space Dragon family and I am 46 years young…

Who got you into Space dragons/Dragonboating?
Mr. July, the ladies man, the one and only Mr. Scott Matsunami

How did you meet him/her?
He was and still is one sexy beast...but now I have found Ceez "my one true soulmate". (This is what happens when you tell a certain someone: "Thanks Galen…. Feel free to edit or making any corrections." :] )