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Nov 17, 2009

SD Weekly Digest- 11/17/2009


1. Year-End Dinner (SUN Dec. 6): We want your BABY PHOTOS!

* In honor of Joe & Yonnie's baby - please give Janet your baby photo for an icebreaker game at the SD banquet. Details of the game will be explained at the banquet. If you don't have a scanner, give her a photo and she will scan it for you. Janet will be at practice on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Last day to submit photos is 12/4. Note: Only those that submit baby photos can play the game!
* RSVP on evite by Nov. 29 ("No Flake" policy thereafter)
* $30/person payable to "Space Dragons" (to Pearl or Tran)

2. Missing PFDs

* We still have folks missing their gear from our SF tourney :(
* Please reply to this email if you have equipment that belongs to others, Thanks!
* Additionally, if you have extra gear to share, please bring along to practices. Sharing is caring :)
* AND...if you'd like to order a paddle or PFD, please reply to the SD weekly email.

3. SPLard Baby Shower (SAT Dec. 12)

* Joe (SD) & Yonnie (LARD)= happy little girl (paddler)!
* RSVP on evite by Nov. 28

4. 2009 NAPLES BOAT PARADE (SAT Dec. 19)

* RSVP on evite. Logistics to be sent out to participants.

5. 4th Annual Space/Ripple Mammoth Ski/Snowboard Trip (Jan. 21-24)

* Details on evite.

Train, train, train! (choo-choo!!!)

-Pearl, Tran, Wade