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Dec 17, 2009

2009 Banquet Recap

What do food, fun, fellowship, and strip-offs have in common? If you were thinking, “why that’s sounds like your typical awesome time with the Space Dragons,” gold star for you! The mighty Space Dragons closed the book on an amazing and successful ‘09 season @ Bono’s in Long Beach in a gala celebration banquet.

The stage was set; the night was young. And, one-by-one, our motley brand of just over 70, handsomely primped, hot, and beautiful Space Dragon attendee misfits took over the room. The festivities opened up with Janet calling the start of the year-end video (made possible non-other than by Jimmy and Janet) and was highlighted with delicious food, liquid libations, excitable auctioning (MC'd by MC BKizzle), a baby assassins game/video, and of course a whole lot of laughs and good times! THANK YOU for not only making it out and joining in on the festivities, but for your countless moments of SD love, energy, and spirit you've selflessly poured forth to help culminate the end a successful '09 season.

There is positively no season without you!

AUCTION Winners:
Cooking lesson with Denise : Galen/Emily
Dinner & Massage (no guaranteed happy ending) with Janet : Jason
Sailing trip with Jason : Louise
Motorcycle ride with Raja : Joanne
Surfing lessons with Rod and Tran : BJ
Fishing lessons with Robert : Blanca
Dinner and gun range date with Russ : Raja
Salsa lessons with Grace and Eymard : Remi, Jim, CJ
Brew-a-beer with MC BKizzle Brian : Davin
A day with Devant : Esther
Fishing trip with Blanca : Wade/Galen

Thanks to your generous bids towards our many talented and sexy auctionees, we managed to raise over $1000!

Choice Awards (you wanted 'em, you got 'em!)...

SD Sexiest : Davin and Tran

Water Destroyers : Em and Rod
 <<<< Rod pretending that he's surprised

                                                      Most Improved : Phil and Blanca

           SD Spirit Award : Devant

Rookie of the Year : Raja

Most Inspirational Award (I'm a better paddler because of you award): Wade

Grip it Tight, Keep it Right (Steersperson Award) and Caller Award : AJ and Tran, respectively

Space Dragon Superhero Award : for dedicated service, leadership, and team culture-setting : Ceez

2009 Tournament Awards...
for outstanding performance, team representation, & example that helped the team bring home a lil bling bling from competition:

'09 Tempe : Rod

   '09 Baby Long Beach

Sammi and Deadra

'09 Long Beach : Phil, Lil Lui, Jim the "Renaissance Man" 

'09 Lake Las Vegas : Russ

< also known as the other sexiest paddler/complete package

...and the pièce de résistance award for the night -- THE GOLDEN PADDLES: for outstanding practice participation throughout the year
                                 Kat (76) and Scott (77)

Brilliant job and THANK YOU for setting the example and the bar!

Big ups to the following for making the night:

  • Tina, Galen, Kat, and Janet for overall organization, coordination, and hosting!
  • Janet and Jimmy for the year-end video!
  • Brian for your one of a kind award-making and MC skills!
  • CT and Jennifer for counting ballots!
  • Janet for suggesting Bono’s!
  • All the folks being auctioned & all the folks auctioning! Great fundraiser!
  • Ceez and Galen for the fun and games!
  • Pearl, Denise, Jimmy, everyone for so many small + big things to set everything up!
  • EVERYONE for a great night and a GREAT SEASON! (who's ready for the next season?!)
Special thanks to the following steerers and callers (♥) for your continued skillz at being awesome for the SD familia:
  • Steerspeople: AJ, Pearl, Marty, Brian, John Joe, James, Sammi, Kam, Scott, Russ, and Emily
  • Callers: Tran, Em, Felicious, Tina, Devant, Wade, Sammi, Janice, Jackie, Louise, and Felicia N

                                                                       Much love.
                                                                              ~devantosaurus rex

In the spirit and hopes of keeping the love rolling for next year's banquet, please take a moment to reflect upon your favorite moments from the night and leave comments/suggestions/feedback about the banquet in the comments section.   =D