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Dec 11, 2009

Mr. December!

Mr. December:
Galen Liao

Name: Galen Liao

DOB: Date unknown
Hometown: Torrance, CA

Likes: Loves dunking female Space Dragons, parading around nearly naked at tournaments, Cal Bears football, the Los Angeles Lakers and showing off his new lean body.

Dislikes: Getting kicked in the nuts from Pearl, losing to RFX’s Brandon Lam in annual SF strip off, the “feathering” part of the new stroke, when Sammi chooses to eat at L&Ls after practice…ALL THE TIME, spending lot of hours doing seating charts then have the tournament change the seating format during race day.

Relationship Status: This handsome young stud is SINGLE. He is one of, if not, the most popular Space Dragon. This man is a breeder ladies (and gentlemen).

Also, Galen is a coach. He will take you in and teach you things only he can. If you are interested in meeting this irresistible male specimen, please attend a Space Dragon practice!!! WARNING!! Please do not look into his warm puppy dog eyes. You will fall madly in love with him if you do!!

Dates of Importance:

December 1st: SD Coach Emily Chi’s Birthday

December 6th: Space Dragon Year End Party

December 12th: Tammy Cobb’s Birthday

December 19th: Naples Christmas Boat Parade

December 19th: Jason Hafer’s Birthday

December 20th: Jane Bettwy’s Birthday