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Jan 28, 2010

The 2010 Boardees

Both on and off the water, dragon boating is arguably the purest team sport around. As a member-operated, non-profit team, we depend on each other to keep this team running, progressing, and growing.  Of course, "greatness" in any unit is only as great as its individual parts and members--dedicated members like YOU and many others are the parts of what make the Space Dragons ROAR!

As we gear up for yet another amazing season, it goes without saying that SD greatness takes work, both on and off the water. Here are a few faces of our own who deserve a huge HUG for all the time, energy, and love they'll be dedicating to the team's leadership board to actively serve the team in 2010:

Captains: Pearl and Tran

These two deserve constant fanning and grape-feeding service from YOU--please submit yourselves to whatever these ravishing ladies have to say or write--which includes signing whatever they want you to sign, pay whatever they ask you to pay. Your soul now belongs to them!
Love Machine : Janet

Ever go to the Annual Space/Ripple Mammoth trip? An SD happy hour? Like to have fun? This traveled vixen is the one to thank when it comes to keeping SD love events going off-the- water, to ensure we get that oh-so important bonding time!

She's the one you give massages to (good ones only, please!) when the party is all said and done. 

Please see her for any events you'd like to suggest....paintball anyone?  =P

<<< enjoying her latest tasty morsel

Fund Raising GURU: Kat
Did someone say cheapest dues on the beach? Not due to the mere fact that the Space Dragons are known for shaking their money makers, but because of support from fund raising efforts and events coordinated by this bodacious teaching diva. She leads the pack with sponsorship solicitation, management of sponsor accounts, and other MOOLAH making opportunities!

Tap her shoulder for any sponsorship ideas or leads (hopefully not while running through a power set on the boat!).

Piggy Bank Trustee (Treasurer) -- DENISE

Money. Ever heard of it? Want some of it? Dealing with the SD bling is her forte. Checks we cut, dues and fees we submit--this vivacious cougar has got it handled! She makes sure we have our boats nice and handled from a financial perspective.

<<<(did i mention that she's an amazing cook and conversationalist?)

Equipment Masters:   Ceez and Tina
Ever wonder where tables come from? How about the wonder of how paddles somehow magically appear at tournaments when you yourself don't remember how it got there? What the!?'d that cooler end up there?!...Talk to these masters of magic and they just might fill you in on the trade secret. They lead the charge on coordinating movement, purchase, and allocation of precious tourney resources such as tables, chairs, paddles, or anything else that needs packing! They've also got that boat maintenance thing handled. Houdini ain't got nuttin' on these two because they are straight up MAGICAL (don't hate!)!

"Saving the World" Committee (Community Service/Relations)--Marina
"It takes a crane to build a crane, it takes two floors to make a story, it takes a hen to make an egg, it takes an egg to make a hen, there is no end to what I'm saying"...But it takes Marina to save the world! She spearheads anything and everything that gets us out and giving back to the community with volunteer opportunities galore.

Cooking a delicious adobo dish isn't the only power this superwoman has. Let her know of any fun and cool volunteer ideas and leads you may have so that you too can help save the world!

Newbie Care Extraordinaires : Blanca, Devant, and Pearl

These social butterflies are the ones you float to when you're new and looking to get nestled in with the SD nest.

They handle all things "friendly" which include: giving you high-fives, getting your waivers squared away, and matchmaking opportunities (kidding...OR AM I?).

Make sure you say hello to one of these peeps because you never know when they'll ask for your contact info. (ummm...for, team related follow-ups of course...)


Coaching Corner : EMily

Think you've got that stroke down? Rotation clean enough along with your fully reached catch? This paddling guru is WORLD-CLASS! She'll mold you, she'll scold you, and she'll do it with a smile. She handles anything coaching/technique/stroke related.

Delts will be the least of your worries when she's done with whipping you into shape. But don't worry though, she won't bite....hard.

...the Board @ Large : (clockwise from left: CJ, Robert, Brian, and Galen)

We'd like to encourage everyone on the team to continue to support the team, each other, these stout individuals, our coaches, our Board, etc. If you would like to help out in anyway, please don't hesitate to approach these individuals!

Of course, we only keep the boat moving forward with each and everyone's ownership of the team--helping one another move in the same direction as one team, looking out and acting for the good of the team, taking care of one another, etc. We all have equal stakes in making this team the best it can be. Let's continue to make it yours so we each can get ours!