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Mar 2, 2010

SD Digest 03.03.10

Space Dragons,
How many practices till Tempe?  6


  • Make it a habit to visit the blog and fill out the poll
  • The weather has been crazy lately...What is protocol?  Check the blog!  We will post cancellations by 6:30PM the day prior (i.e. 6:30pm Friday for Saturday practice; 6:30pm Saturday for Sunday practice).  Otherwise, practice is ON.
  • GET YOURS! Work hard for your win. 

  • RSVP for Tournament Evite deadline is this Sunday, March 7th
  • RSVP for Paddler's Party deadline is this Sunday, March 7th
  • "No Flake" policy enforced after 3/7 for both events
  • Tournament participants MUST be paying members of Space Dragons
  • If you have not given Pearl your weight & side preference, please do so ASAP, need for boat seating

  • See Digest spreadsheet for payment status; highlighted cell means you owe that amount; filled-in number is what you paid
  • Cash/Checks payable to Space Dragons 
4. YARD SALE -- April 10

  • Save your goodies & help raise funds for team expenses
  • See Evites for all tournaments in the weekly SD digest emailer.

  • Interested in recruiting new college and/or corporate team(s)?
  • Dr. Chen is offering $300 incentive for the team
  • Let us know and we'll work with you!
7.   SD Apparel & Gear?
  • See here for details.
  • Need a paddle? Contact Pearl
  • Need a PFD? Contact Tran
  • Need a jersey for Tempe? Contact Tran
  • Anything else? Email us!
-- Pearl & Tran