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Apr 23, 2010

Space Dragons have a whole lot of Friends and Family!

To the untrained eye, it's just another Sunday morning at Mother's Beach. A few groups of people gathering together over here and over there. But then they appeared. A whole gaggle of people. Taking over the beach! There's SO MANY of them!

Who are they?

They're the friends and families of the crazy nutcases affectionately known as Space Dragons. They come to see this "paddling" thing that somehow has the power to get people up at near-dawn hours on the weekend so they can get some sore backs, shoulders and cores.

Three boats full of newbies - a total of 45 newbies (+1 who didnt paddle) - and a minimal sprinkling of veterans piled onto the boats for practice. It was a cold day with the threat of rain all morning, but that clearly did not deter so many loved ones from showing up to test the waters. After an hour and a half on the water, the newbies looked like true Space Dragons!

And like true Space Dragons, they all had one thing on their minds: FOOOOOOD! Luckily, another attribute of the Space Dragons is always having plenty of food on hand.

Good times, great food, and even better company. What else can you possibly ask for?

Sometimes, Space Dragons get so hungry after paddling that the just simply start shoving food (or, in this case, super yummy home-made cupcakes) right into their faces. A really odd way to eat food, but who am I to judge?

Look at all of those awesome newbies! Hopefully we'll be seeing more than a few of them in the near future at practice and tournaments!

Paddles up!