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Apr 20, 2010

Y is for yard sale!


That's exactly how the day started. Chilly too. But I knew it was going to be a good day. It's devastatingly early and we're about to make our way up to Redondo Beach for the Space Dragon Spring Yard Sale. The plan would be to spend the day with loving teammates while raising money for the team.

At every Yard Sale, there are lots of goods to be sold and lots of money to be made. This was no exception. On top of that, Space Dragon events attract certain mischief; it’s just the nature of our team. And wouldn’t you know it, a Space Dragon Yard Sale is no different.
Various teammates donated lots of goods to be sold. Furniture, clothng, electronics, the list goes on. In total, we raised $562!

Special thank you's go out to:
- Denise: organizing another successful yard sale; putting up with all of our shenanigans; keeping things running all day long!
- CJ: hosting (again), letting us use his yard and most importantly, his restroom!
- Volunteers / Donators: there were a good number of volunteers and a bunch more people who donated stuff to the yard sale. without these people, we wouldn't have yard sales. without yard sales, we wouldn't have subsidized tournament fees. So I say: yay us!

Volunteers who helped with set-up, sales, and clean-up included: Denise & CJ (obviously), Marina, Kat, Pearl, Deej, Ceez, Grace, Robert, Mayana, Jason, Rod, BJ, Tom, Eymard, Mary, Tran, Roger, Blanca, Turtle, Allan, and Jackie. The following people dropped by for a visit and lend some moral support: KMak (take care of those knees, man!), Yilin (veterean paddler who hasn't paddled with us in a while. what's up with that?!), Joe, Yonnie, and baby Kiana (cute overload).

(right) We also had this non-Space Dragon visitor literally pop up next to our tent during the day checking out our goods!