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May 21, 2010

Coach Brian Officially Off The Market?!

Einstein got it right--"falling in love is not the most stupid thing that people do." But while "gravitation cannot be held responsible for it [falling in love]," what would he say about marriage?

If Einstein had the pleasure of visiting Brian and Aileen on their wedding day, I'm willing to wager that he'd think they're crazy and perfect (for each other)! On April 19th, 2010, Coach B-Kizzle Brian and his dazzling partner in crime Aileen tied the knot at the Majestic Maui Estate in Lahaina on the beautiful island of Maui. From the perfect white chair arrangements, to pineapples strewn along the aisle, the scene leading up to the ceremony was anything short of amazing as no detail was left uncovered and the weather proved bright, warm & sunny. The bride and groom--both modestly decadent and stunning in respective white dress (with purple shoes!) and tan khaki linen suit were both calm & cool-as-cucumbers as they greeted their guests with warm hugs and smiles. The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome and aloha by Reverend Pia Aluli as ceremonial flower leis (signifying open hearts and love for one another) were exchanged by the bonding couple and families. The resultant tears of joy were far from being held back from the happy couple as Brian reached for a pocketed handkerchief to give to his teary eyed bride during heartfelt vows, which eventually lead Aileen to affectionately tell Brian to "shut up" at one point during the ceremony! (Side note: apologies to Pearl and CT for taking my word in arriving "on time" to catch that part!) =P

The day invariably fueled on with good times and spirits while photos where taken and drinks were had. Amongst the mischief, our own SD few wasted no time in be-friending the Paul the bartender (who coincidently was arranged closest to our table...thank you Brian and Aileen), who supplied countless numbers of "PPDs" (Paul's Pink Drink) and delicious Lava Flow cocktails to our thirsty league of paddler guests and was made complete with a stunning array of succulent ahi poke; the most tender, delicious Kalua pork imaginable; and a vast gamut of classic Hawaiian food morsels made possible via gemmed master Chef Christian Jorgensen of Maui's The Comfort Zone. Needless to say, while much fun was had, clear details of specific escapades may inexorably be excluded in this recap due to this writer's haziness resulting from too many PPDs, Lava Flows, etc. (can't blame the sign of a great party!).
Major highlights remembered from the night include Jackie involuntarily flashing the crowd on the dance floor while busting break-back awesome breakdance moves (in a dress!), Galen inevitably doing push-ups (with the DJ!),  and countless others (yours truly included) who hopped into the huge lagoon-type pool with Brian (while still dressed!)!!!

In the end, while gravitation cannot be held responsible for Brian and Aileen getting married, it is nice to know that they've found each other...the likes of each other in which they could each forever love (and affectionately annoy). Congrats Brian and Aileen to the start to a beautiful life together!