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May 10, 2010

Weekly Events: Bicycling + Surfing

Hey everybody!

Summer is upon us, the weather is beautiful and it's just great to be outdoors, wouldn't you agree? Well, of course you would!

To take advantage of our most awesome SoCal weather, we will be putting together weekly bicycle rides and weekly surf sessions. EVERYONE is more than invited to come along; the more the merrier! Information below.

WHO: Anyone with a bicycle.
WHAT: Bicycling. In spandex. Oh yes!
WHEN: After Saturday morning practice and land drills. We will ride to lunch somewhere, then ride back to our cars. We will earn our lunch!
WHERE: We will be leaving from the Boy Scout parking lot by Mother's Beach. We will try to come up with a new route every week, but expect rides to be anywhere from 15-20 miles. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know. I need suggestions.
WHY: The weather is incredible; why wouldn't you want to?
ADDITIONAL INFO: I am expecting these rides to be fairly casual rides at a relatively easy pace. I am new to the sport of cycling, so please don't think this is going to be an intimidating ride of any kind. That being said, we will ride to earn our lunch, expect to break a sweat! I envision a post-land workout snack (Clif Bar) to help tide us over until lunchtime.

WHO: Everybody and anybody
WHAT: Surfing! Or boogie boards.
WHEN: Sunday pre-practice. Meet at 7am on the beach! We expect to gear up and be in the water at 710am. We will be out of the water by 830am so we can clean up and be at Mother's Beach for pre-practice stretching by 9am.
WHERE: Seal Beach. There is a parking lot on the corner of 8th Street & Ocean Avenue, one block north of the Seal Beach Pier/Main Street. That is our meeting spot. Parking is $2 in the lot, but I recommend everyone else to just park on Ocean Avenue. I park in the lot because I bring lots of gear (extra boards, etc.).
WHY: Dude, it's surfing. Surfing is awesome. I mean, look at this guy - doesn't he just look absolutely badass? 'Nuff said.
ADDITIONAL DETAILS: I realize that unlike bicycles, most people do not have spare surfboards laying around. Luckily for you, I do! Based on our surf session from this past weekend, the water temperatures are getting warm enough for surfing without a wetsuit on. However, I still recommend rash guards (available for around $5). Instruction available, so if you have no idea how to surf but always wanted to learn, this is your chance!

. Both of these events will occur every Saturday and Sunday for as long as I can help it.
-- Email me for bicycling so I know I won't be riding by my lonesome.
-- If you want to join us for surfing and need to borrow a board, email me. Surfboards will be first come, first serve. Once I run out of boards for people to borrow, you're out of luck! If you are coming to surf with us and have extra boards to bring, please let me know! That would be very helpful.

Email me or find me on facebook.

Paddles up!