Are You Coming Out To Practice? Remember To Fill Out Our Practice Polls

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Jun 13, 2010

This is Important.

This is important. Read this.

Please respond to the polls. Please respond even if you are marking a "no." They're up now, so DO IT! yay!

The poll for Wednesday attendance will close at 7:00PM on Monday (6/14).

The poll for Weekend attendance will close at 7:00PM on Wednesday (6/16).

Why are we making paddlers respond to polls?

It's because the Association needs to know how many boats we will be using during Practice. The Coaches can only figure that out by knowing how many paddlers will be coming out for Practice. An inaccurate count may lead to not having enough boats to use for Practice. Wouldn't that suck?
So the moral of the story... respond to the polls!
Thanks everybody!

Paddles up!