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Jul 22, 2010

SD Digest 7.21.10

Mighty Space Dragons,

In one and a half weeks, the Big Long Beach Tournament will be upon us. You can now count the number of practices we have left on one hand. Are you READY?

Help us help you! Fill out the attendance polls for practice. Remember: polls close at 7 PM on Mondays & Wednesdays
Suggestions: put it as a meeting notice on your calendar; leave yourself a sticky note; set an alarm, have others call your ess! If you cannot get to the poll BEFORE they close, please email for your attendance.
Equipment: Please remember to pile all of our stuff in one close, tight pile during practice. There's been more reports of lurkers and people stealing stuff out of bags on the beach. Let's be careful out there, and leave valuables in your car.
Parking: reminder to please do not park in the lot closest to the Boy Scout building on Sunday mornings.
Fitness: Core. Land. Do it.

"I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'"
- Muhammad Ali

Pay your Tournament dues ($35) and your annual Space Dragons dues ($80) to Denise. You can pay both on one check. Please make checks payable to Space Dragons.
Email Kat ( what you will be bringing for POTLUCK. Alternatively, sad single bachelors (like Roger), bachelorettes, and anyone else can just bring $20 to Denise for the potluck. If you choose the money route, please still email Kat to let her know.
Come to all the remaining practices! We want practice using our race crews in their seating assignments.

We will be hosting Ripple Effect and GG Dragons.

Be prepared--caring is sharing! Don't forget the sacred blue jerseys. Veterans, please remember to bring any extra jerseys you have for newbies and people who might forget theirs. When we roll, let's roll with solidarity! Also, see Tran--she has a few extra jerseys for purchase.

Got tents? Chairs? Tables? Coolers? Let Ceez know so we can coordinate! We need equipment for food and for hosting Ripple and GG!

Let's turn up the intensity at practice. Come out so we can get our race crews a few practices together!Please keep up your outside workouts, we want to be in top form! But please don't hurt yourself.

Eat well, sleep well and taper the week prior!

Final logistics email to be sent out next week.

3. BEACH CLEAN-UP, PART III Saturday, August 14
Third one this year! Let's make it happen and let's have a strong showing. The Association and fellow beach-goers have thanked us for our efforts. It's noticeable for sure! So let's keep up the good work.

Haven't come out to beach clean-up yet? Sure, it doesn't sound like a very sexy event but it's still a whole lot of fun. The more the merrier!

Thanks very much, Marina!

4. LAKE GREGORY (aka Arrowhead) Sunday, August 15
Don't forget to RSVP for this Tournament on the Evite. We will need to register our team and have a roster for the organizers very soon, so RSVP now!

This is a one-day tournament and has always been lots of fun. Tournament is on Saturday; on Thursday night there will be a brilliant meteor shower. Though the shower will peak on Thursday night, rest assured that there will still be quite a shower to be seen on Friday night as well. Arrowhead will be a great place to watch it as there is little light pollution there. Wouldn't you like to shower with your teammates? Expect 60 meteors per hour. That's a lot of wishes!

For more information on the meteor shower, look up the Perseids meteor shower.

4. YARD SALE Saturday, August 28
It's that time again! Space Dragons Yard Sale is scheduled for Saturday, August 28. Same bat place: CJ's in Redondo.

Pencil it in and start gathering your goodies that will sell at Yard Sale. Remember, Yard Sale proceeds come right back to you in the form of lower tournament fees. It's a win/win!

5. SAN FRANCISCO September 25-26
Have you RSVP'd? Hurry up and do it, because we all know you don't want to miss this one!With only two boats registered, we only have 48 paddler positions available. How do you make sure you're one of the 48? Pay up! Lots of other people already have... so time's a-tickin'!

$35 race fee to reserve your spot, payable to Space Dragons (25 spots left)

Have you reserved your room? They're running out fast! No, seriously, there's only a small handful of rooms left. So don't be left homeless! That would suck pretty badly. Need a room? We've got folks w/reservations in need of roommates, as well as rooms reserved w/no occupants! Please update Evite with your lodging & traveling info.

No flake rule applies after 8/15.

Oct 16 at Lake Las Vegas, 1 day tournament! That leaves you a whole day for debauchery in that certain quaint little desert community.

Gauging interest, please RSVP if interested

-- Pearl, Roger, Tran