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Jul 16, 2010

Introducing... the SPACE DRAGONS!!!

We Space Dragons are one team, but we're showing up to Big LB three boats strong!! Drumroll please.........

A healthy mix of first-year newbies and vets with years of paddling under their belts, these paddlers are ready to show the West Coast what they're made of! Introducing.....

Space Dragons WHITE!

Stronger than ever and ready to TIK SUM RASS, competitors would be fools to underestimate the power and experience in this boat. Watch out for...

Space Dragons BLUE

Armed with over a thousand hours of accumulated time on the water, at the track and in the gym just this year alone, these guys mean business! Here they come, *GUNS BLAZING, it's...

Space Dragons RED

* Do you see the size of Rod's GUNS???

But always REMEMBER, we are all SPACE DRAGONS!

Finally, a note from the coaches... if you do not see your face in this post and are planning to paddle MIXED (genders, masters, we got you covered!) OR if you do see your face and will not be paddling in the touranment, ^email the coaches ASAP. RSVP for the tournament closed 7/10, but we'll do what we can.

^coaches (at) spacedragons (dot) org