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Aug 11, 2010

Good Night, and Good Luck -- Marty and Russ, We'll Miss You!

It goes to say that once a Space Dragon, always a Space Dragon. But while so many relationships may come and go, the ones that have been forged within our great team span well beyond proximity.  Unfortunately though, some relationships have to be put on the backburner for another time. Our own sexiest paddler runner-up/complete package, Russ and master steersman/vocal extraordinaire, Marty are leaving us and moving on to big things...

While trying endlessly to rack my brain of things possibly bigger and better than SD love, I came to the conclusion that while there is nothing better than SD love, there are perhaps a few things that may trump one from paddling in LB waters with the Space Dragons. Of those possibilities, opportunities are one. For Russ, his opportunity rears itself in a once in a lifetime stint chance overseas to study medicine in the Philippines! Shocked by the news you say?...(So was Russ when he found out he'd go just last week!) In any case, join him and the SD familia in a congratulatory spot this weekend

Saturday the 14th @ 5pm in the Matsunami Tipi for that final farewell and see ya later!

On the same note, here are a few words of mahalo and aloha from Marty:

                  To all my Space Dragon buddies:
This little note is just to say thanks to everyone for a wonderful trip and a wonderful time these last seven years. But it has become obvious to me this year (in fact, painfully obvious, literally) that I just can't keep up with you kids anymore (and compared to me, you're ALL kids!). So I've decided that this wonderful 2010 Big Long Beach tournament we just completed together is my last one; I'm hanging 'em up as of now.
Congrats to everyone for a wonderful showing. I was happy and proud to be a part of the first medaling for the Geezer Squad, and was excited to watch our rookies and our women take home medals as well as seeing the Red squad score gold once again. All in all, this was a great tournament to go out on.

You've all been great friends, and I know we'll keep in touch. I expect you'll see me from time to time; I plan to drop by at the local races to cheer you all on, and maybe I'll show up for the special events now and again. And I'll be thinking of you on weekend mornings and Wednesday evenings, and maybe even wishing I were out there with you. I might not be competing with you, but I'm always going to be a Space Dragon.

The good news is, there's now a really nice Trivium paddle available, in Space Dragons Blue (well, blue, anyway) with an EMBEDDED Space Dragons logo. You just can't GET those anymore! If you're interested, contact me via e-mail at martin.minnich [at] ngc [dot] com

Best of luck, knock 'em dead in Lake Gregory and SF, and bring home LOTS of GOLD!