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Apr 20, 2011

SD Digset 4-20-11

Space Dragons,
Don't forget: weekend practice poll closes tonight at 7 PM.  <--- there is practice this Sunday 4/24!

Reminder, Sunday practice time has changed - it's now the same as Saturday practice time: 730am warm-up and 8am on the boat.

1.  YARD SALE -- This Sat 4/23
  • That's right!  It's coming up in a few short days. Got your stuff together? We're depending on YOU to come out and support the team by helping at the Yard Sale.  Even if you have no items to contribute, your help in setting up, selling, even just coming for general team morale would be more than greatly appreciated.
  • All proceeds go toward lowering tournament fees!  Don't you like the sound of that?! I do!
  • Practice is canceled this day so there's no excuse to not come help out!
  • Details such as time and location are on the Evite
  • Please RSVP on the Evite to let us know when you'll be coming to help.  Lots of help needed for: setup, selling, cleanup!
  • If you bring large items, you need to make sure you take them back if they don't sell!
  • Please plan on dropping off your items either during setup (those yard sale hunters are super early birds), arrange with Jeremy during the next few days, or bring to practice tonight where Marina has graciously offered to take it (no furniture, only boxed items)
2.  BABY LONG BEACH -- Sun 5/1
  • It is just around the corner!
  • Have you RSVP'd?  Not sure?  Please check!  Not yet?  Time to make up your mind!  We are registered for 3 boats!
  • It's 2011's first local tournament. IN OUR BACK YARD.  We had a strong start in Tempe and scared (and surprised) a bunch of teams with our strength and speed.  Let's give them another scare and show them Tempe was just the beginning!
  • We'll be having potluck again for lunch, please list on your Evite response what you're bringing.
3.  ALCAN -- 6/12 & 6/13
  • It is one of the biggest tournaments on the West Coast
  • Many premiere Canadian and American teams attend
  • Not sure about it?  Why, it's only the biggest dragon boat tournament this side of the Pacific! I mean, are you kidding me? It's got something for everyone - the ultra-competitive will enjoy the racing and the rankings, the I-wanna-have-fun crowd will enjoy... well, let's just say Vancouver is a very fun and beautiful city... *wink-wink-nudge-nudge*.
  • RSVP here
  • Hotels are selling out!  We have 10 rooms booked in the Space Dragons block, but you MUST reserve by 5/1, any room not reserved will be released.
4.  OC-2 USAGE
  • Want to work on your technique?
  • Please read through and follow these guidelines
  • The link to the User's Guide is also under "links" on the Space Dragons website

  • Space Dragons, your good deeds don't go unnoticed
  • Check out the thanks from the Pinks and UCLA
  • Keep up the good work, everyone!
-- Your captains