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May 11, 2011

SD Digest 5/11/11

Space Dragons,
Great job at baby Long Beach! Much fun was had - many thanks to our tournament manager Devant, our many equipment managers and helpers and guest paddlers as well!

1.  ALCAN -- 6/11 & 6/12
  • One of the biggest tournaments is only a month away!
  • Time to kick it up a notch, head over to practice now!
  • Race fees is $35, payable to Space Dragons
  • And don't forget to RSVP on the Evite too!

2.  BIG LONG BEACH -- 7/30 & 7/31
  • It's the big tournament on our own back yard.  They got a little taste of Space Dragons' fury at baby Long Beach - now let's really bring it to them at the biggie!
  • Please check to see if you RSVP on the Evite
  • Want a see what a dragonboat full of paddlers look like at the bow?  You've got the opportunity now to help coach festival teams for Big Long Beach.
  • Festival teams are generally allowed about 6 practices (usually on weekend afternoons) leading up to a particular tournament.
  • This is also a great recruitment strategy for the Space Dragons!
  • Interested? Email us and let us know! We'll get you more details.

  • Want your very own paddles, PFDs and other paddling gear?
  • Grey Owl wood paddles are $40, customized for your specific length, just let Pearl know what length you'd like!
  • We get discounted prices (~20% off retail) on Stohlquist PFDs, check out their models on the website and let Pearl know what model and size you want
  • Check out Warmers gloves at REI, REI Outlet sometimes has pretty good deals -- free shipping to stores
  • Interested in a carbon fiber paddle? Our paddlers have Trivium (adjustable length), Burnwater, and Kioloa (hybrid). Ask Pearl for details
  • There's a Kialoa sale going on, check it out and catch it before it's gone!
5.  SD SOCIAL -- Thursday 5/19
  • I'm sure you've heard of those delicious Night Markets in Taiwan and Asia - and now it's in LA, too!!  
  • Space Dragons will be having their next social at the LA Night Market at Yamashiro's on Thurs 5/19 from 5pm - 9pm!
  • Vendor Foods include delicious tacos, amazing gourmet coffee, ice creams, TOMATOES, fruits, cheeses, alcohol, everything and anything!!
  • Free parking and shuttle service located at the Christian Science Church on La Brea & Hollywood Blvd.  
  • Hope to see you there!!
  • Look for the Facebook Invitiation soon for carpooling/details - so if you're not friends w/ Janet...add her!

6.  YEAR-END DINNER -- Saturday 12/3
  • Pencil this popular event on your calendar!
  • Looking for volunteers to help plan the event and make year-end awards, interested person please email Janet
  • Tuesday nights in the South Bay.  Results of these work-outs show in our practice sets and tournaments.  Studies show improved cardiovascular health and better muscle endurance for weekday work-out participants.*
  • You've heard about it. You've contemplated joining it.  The list of participants grows every week and with every passing week, the legends grow: jello legs and folks pushing back their "wall".
  • Is it as bad (or good) as they say?  Only one way to find out!  Get out there!
  • If you're not on the email list, email us and we'll make sure you get the weekly location notifications.  Location varies within the South Bay week-to-week.
*these studies were performed at the Space Dragons Imaginary Institute of Health and Fitness. But seriously, is there any shadow of a doubt that these work-outs are super-great for everyone and just plain awesome?

-- Your Captains