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Aug 24, 2011

SD Digest 8-24-11

Space Dragons,
3 more weeks till TI, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!  Oh, did you remember to fill out the attendance poll?
  • Congratulations, Gregory crew for a fun and successful tournament, great showing!
  • Also, excellent way of representing and helping out, mystery helper, see below note from the race organizer:
I just wanted to thank the young man that stayed behind and helped us break down the event site on Sunday. 
I don't know who he was, he just jumped in and started helping. All's I know is that he was wearing a Space Dragon uniform. 
It was truly appreciated, we were all pretty tired by then. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts.
  • Who is our mystery man? None other than our very own Mr. Badass himself, Eric!  Someone buy him a beer!
  • Yup, it's right around the corner, so ask yourself these questions:
    • Have you RSVP'd?  Check out the Evite now
    • Have you settled your lodging and transportation?  Update your Evite response with info
    • If you don't have a hotel room/need a room/need a roommate, email Galen now and he'll see what he can do
    • Have you paid your fees?  $35 payable to Space Dragons
    • Have you been keeping up with your training?  Practice, land workout, core workout, your personal workout...  NO INJURIES!
  • No Flake Date is this Sunday 8/28
  • There will be a team dinner Saturday night, details TBD
  • Get out to practices! There's only a handful of practices left before SF!
3.  SAN DIEGO -- Oct 22, 23
  •  Want more after TI?  Respond on the Evite so we can see if we have enough interest to go
4.  YEAR END DINNER -- Dec 3
  • You've heard all the stories, now you can experience it in person!
  • RSVP on the Evite now
  • $35/person payable to Space Dragons (what an awesome price for dinner in a private room, video, games, our own DJ Bakasan)
  • No Flake Date: 11/20
  • Stephanie is extending the school supply drive for School on Wheels, which provides one-on-one tutoring for homeless children, though the end of SEPTEMBER. 
    Please bring your donations to practices, and they will be put into backpacks and distributed by School on Wheels to needy kids in the Long Beach area.
    For a full list of needed supplies, please see the Student Wish List. They especially need flash drives and backpacks. You can also email Stephanie for more details of the drive. Thanks!"
--  Your Captains