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Feb 29, 2012

SD Digest 2/29/12

Happy LEAP DAY Space Dragons!  

Word of the week: Fitness!  ...  For many of us the OC2 Time trials were an eye opener … Time to awaken the beast from that Winter slumber =)

1.  Tempe, Tempe, TemPEEEE – 3/31
March 31st is one week closer!!! Time to take care of business:  
·         Carpooling: Do it, because driving alone is bad for the earth ... and it sucks.  Email captains if you need carpooling buddies.
·         Lodging: We recommend sleeping in a hotel room. The weather should be nice, but we still think sleeping indoors on a bed is probably a good idea.  
Email captains if you need bunk mates.  Alternatively, there are still rooms available in the Space Dragons room block at team hotel (rooms will be released on March 1 [tomorrow!!!!], so move fast!).  Check the Evite for details.
·         More Paddlers! We still have room for a couple more paddlers, but we're almost filled up!  So it's not too late to sign up and join in the fun! 
Sign up on Evite!
·         No Flake DateMarch 4. Clear your schedule and sign up NOW!!

Note: If you have already setup transportation and lodging and have space in your car and/or room, email the captains so we place our orphans!  

2.  Baby Long Beach – Sun 4/29
One day, local fun in the sun, sign up on the Evite!

3.  OC-2 Testing Make-up – Sun 3/4
RIGHT AFTER PRACTICE!  For those that made early arrangements or were sick, Sunday after practice.  Contact the coaches to see if you qualify!  

·        March 10: Ladies' Night:  Pillow fights in SD Jerseys.  Evite coming, right Janet? ;)
·         March 24: Beach Clean-up:  Keeping our beach clean and showing the community some love!
·        April 6: SD Social: First Friday @ Natural History Museum in LA
·        April 7: Friends and Family Day:  It's not too early to start thinking about who to invite.
·        May 5: SD Yard Sale:  Spring cleaning? Save your stuff for the Annual Yard Sale! 
SO, did you sign up on the evites and email the captains accordingly?
Die Kapitäns!