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Apr 18, 2012

SD Digest 4/18/12

Space Dragons!
Holy moly, what do you know? BABY LONG BEACH is only 1.5 weeks away.  Informal poll at practice revealed that nearly everyone has not yet paid their tournament fees! So pay up! Because next week, I'm publishing names in the Digest.  This week, I'll play nice and just say... write a check payable to Space Dragons for $25. And don't forget your annual dues ($100) if you haven't already paid.
Word of the Day; PAY UP! (ok, it's words of the day today...)
   Keep the Space Dragons running like the well-oiled machine that it is.
And now onto our regularly scheduled programming:
1.  BABY LONG BEACH - Sun 4/29
  • 1.5 weeks away and 3 boats registered.  Room for more paddlers, so sign up on the Evite!
  • That's only "5" practices (3 for weekend-only paddlers) before the races, so come out to practice!
  • Sign up for the Potluck on the gdocs in your weekly email!
  • Let's show our local sister teams that Tempe was no fluke. Because we are Space Dragons and WE STRIKE FEAR!
 2.  SAFETY TEST - Sat 4/21
  • No surprises here; we do this every year.  All paddlers are required to take this test.  We'll do it before we get on the boats so please be on time this weekend. We will try to get the boats on the water on time.
  • Bring a pen! And be extra nice and print out the test (attached).
3.  YARD SALE Sat 5/5
  • To be held in Torrance.  Your help is needed. Your stuff is needed as well. Pretty simple, right? See you there!
  • Location: In front of James N's place of residence.
  • Practice will be canceled so everyone can come support.  Please wear your jerseys and bring a small yummy snack!
4.  OC-2 TESTING Sun 5/6
  • I don't care whether you're going to Portland or not. You should do OC-2 testing. Period.
  • Keep an eye out for the online sign-up sheet.
5.  PORTLAND - Sat/Sun 6/9-6/10
  • Lodging info is now available:
  •     Residence Inn Portland Downtown River Place, 2115 SW River Parkway, Portland OR 97201
  •     $139/night for 1 King bed + pull-out
  •     $209/night for 2-room King beds + pull-out (only 3 avail!)
  •     Check the EVITE, for hotel links and update your flight info with rooming info!
  •     Discount good until 5/10, so book your room now!
  • Not signed up yet? Sign up on EVITE, but don't forget, just signing up does not guarntee a paddling spot.  You have to input your flight info too! That way we know you're super confirmed.
  • Oh it's ON! 5:30pm meet on the bach; 6:00pm boats push off!
  • It can get cold.  It can get windy.  It can get wet. It can get rough.  But it will be fun!
7.  BDR Earth Family Fun Run - Sun 4/22
  • Sponsored by the Space Dragons. 
  • Don't want to run? Volunteers needed too! check Spacebook for volunteering
  • Register here: and check Spacebook for the Space Dragons group that is registering together to take advantage of the group discount.
  • Are you CPR certified? Email and let us know! SCDBC is asking us to keep a roster of CPR certified individuals.
- zee capitans.