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May 6, 2012

May 2012 OC-2 Testing Results


This testing round we encouraged folks to test on their "off" side in hopes of showing some of you (ahem KIM) that your "off" side actually isn't that bad.   It even might all be in your head.  Some other things to consider:
  • I've heard a couple people say that they have a "strong" side and a "technically better" side.  Even though you may not feel as "strong" on your more technically proficient side, the improved technique might actually make you faster.
  • This was a low-stress test since there is another opportunity to test before the next boat splits will be made.  The lower stress environment may have helped many of us improve our performance.  Learn to harness that.
  • The late morning brought a nice tailwind, but we found a significant amount of water in the hull when we packed up the boat.  The dry boat in calm conditions may have been faster than the water-logged boat in windy conditions, or vice versa.  Or, maybe the extra water weight actually helps the glide.  The advantage or disadvantage of the different testing times is uncertain.
On a more personal note, I have lots of fun on testing day because all the different wacky personalities come out.  Even though it's 2 minutes of torture, I hope you enjoy the day (at least a little bit) too.  :)